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Our curriculum is now free. Because, every minipreneur should be empowered and ready for tomorrow. 


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TLS’s curriculum was built using a blended learning model, combining in-person and online lessons focused. on teaching entrepreneurial skills to little ladies and mini men. We focus on skills not normally taught in traditional classrooms.

mini-preneurs are taught




Mini-preneurs Learn How to...

  • Create and sustain a business idea

  • Pursue new opportunities

  • Engage in a process of continuous improvement and innovation at an early age

  • Adapt and Adjust through Teamwork

  • Understand financial and global literacy skills

  • Understand the role of Empathy in their lives


The TLS program spans a two year period, each with a fall, spring and summer season. During the first year, little ladies and mini men are introduced to a variety of concepts key in the life of an entrepreneur. In person lessons are supplemented with online badge quests in a secure online community, helping to reinforce key concepts.

At the end the first season, little ladies and mini men are ready with an idea and plan in hand. Season two and three are spent building out the plan using experiential learning fundamentals. In year two, they choose functional areas to explore, lead and mentor younger lementrepreneurs and continue to pursue innovations. The end of each year is marked with a mock investor panel presentation, helmed by successful entrepreneurs in the community. Little ladies and mini men also have the opportunity to launch their idea in the market with the support of the TLS team through TLS Labs.

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