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Lemonade Stand

We are a nonprofit focused on inspiring young minds to spark their entrepreneurial spirit through creativity, risk, passion, and empathy!

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We are helping build the next generation of young entrepreneurs!

Tomorrow’s Lemonade Stand (TLS) is a community of little ladies and mini men who promote and instill the spirit of entrepreneurship for girls and boys.


We empower mini-preneurs at an early age to become confident, self-reliant and capable individuals.


Our focus is to instill the joys of being creative, taking a risk and finding a passion for children ages 7-12 (2nd-6th graders). Through TLS girls and boys embrace and welcome the MANY programs for middle and high schoolers – our mini-preneurs learn how to excel in them with a head start!


so what's NEW?

We have been working on progressing and expanding our community throughout the chaos of COVID-19. Listen to Kylee speak more about some updates below!




Tomorrow's Lemonade Stand wants to provide an equal learning opportunity for everyone, which is why our curriculum is open! Our curriculum is also a flexible learning resource that can be tailored to large groups or just the individual mini-preneur!

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"TLS gave me the confidence I needed to try new things at school."

-ELLIE, age 9

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February 2020

As we head into March we are still looking for a new mini-preneur of the month! Please contact us to be featured on our website!

Some businesses we'd like to highlight from February include Cory's Cookies and All in the Bees Lemonade, both started by some rocking mini-preneurs!

To become our next mini-preneur of the month, contact our cofounders!

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...Well it is a surprise. Should you pack a bag? Should you be prepared to meet any cool, super smart people? We will keep you posted! Email us if you are interested to learn more!

our awesome


All of our amazing supporters of Tomorrow's Lemonade Stand, to become a partner, email either of our co-founders!


The community that is driven by innovation, Ballston BID worked with TLS in the Ballston Launchpad Challenge!


Inspired by their work promoting education, TLS has partnered with Library For All to support their efforts for a worldwide digital library!

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One of our longest friends - Credly is an innovative organization, driving the charge in recognizing learning and experiences in exciting new ways. No wonder we are tight.

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